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Detox ເຮືອນສໍາລັບການຕິດເຫຼົ້າ

ຂຽນ​ໂດຍ ບັນນາທິການ

There is no doubt that it is necessary to overcome an addiction that ruins life and destroys all plans. However, sometimes, it is so difficult to be in the clinic with strangers away from the family and home atmosphere. Fortunately, there is a rehab program, which combines power of family support and professional help.

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  1. In the fight against addiction, home detox is a possibility for many.
  2. This is made possible through home alcohol detox systems which includes prescribed medication and phone consultations with clinic specialists.
  3. GPs, therapists, and nurses, are accessible 24/7 to give guidance, advance, recommendation, or just some support.

ທາງເລືອກຂອງ alcohol detox at home is a perfect possibility to fight against an addiction avoiding falling out of social life.

Peculiarities of Home Detox Program

It is necessary to take into account that home rehab is not appropriate for every patient. Before the rehab start, specialists have to conduct a survey, check analysis, and assess a situation as a whole.

Only then, if experts do not define the addiction as a serious one, it is possible to provide a home detox.

One of the best rehab clinics in the UK ­ Serenity ( https://www.rehabclinic.org.uk/locations/drug-alcohol-rehab-clinic-london/ ) ­ offers both types of alcohol rehab – inpatient and outpatient (home detox).

Serenity Addiction Centers carry a home alcohol detox system, which includes taking prescribed medication and phone consultations with the clinic specialists.

Do not think that at home, the patient stays alone. The Serenity experts, such as GPs, therapists, and nurses, are accessible 24/7 to give guidance, advance, recommendation, or just some support. Furthermore, they control every stage of the program and track the progress.

Why You Should Choose Serenity Outpatient Program

Advantages of the Serenity home detox rehab:

  • ໂຄງການ 12 ຂັ້ນຕອນ
  • Phone consultations and therapy sessions
  • Nutrition and diet plans
  • Access to master-classes of the best alcohol addiction experts
  • Drugs to manage withdrawal symptoms

Moreover, consider that a home rehab is cheaper than inpatient treatment.

Of course, home detox implies a very high level of the patient’s independence and responsibility. If there are any doubts about own conscience, it is reasonable to start with inpatient rehab and then gradually move to remote treatment.

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